As some of you may have noticed, SexySecularist doesn’t seem to have the wealth of essays and opinions that it used to, and the updates seem to be further and further apart.

I’m a studio composition major, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m somewhere in between songwriting/composition and studio production, and these past few months all my atheist energy has been focused on writing horribly offensive songs. Eventually I’ll post them here, but first I need a recording, and to get a recording I need a band, and to get a band I need to find a guitarist who doesn’t turn up his gain to “11″ the moment the drummer walks into the room. It’s all coming together and I’ll have something within the next two months, but in the meanwhile, I ask that everybody be patient and continue to check in once a week or so for periodic updates. We’ll still be posting, but until these tracks get cut I can’t make too many promises.

While we’re waiting, I’d post a work tape of my martyr song, “Londonistan Calling,” but I’m the type of perfectionist who can either post a finished product or a total piece of crap (and nothing in between), so instead, here’s a sample of what happens when my drummer says, “let’s write a scream metal song” at the end of a jam session.

Satanic Samba (Lyrics will eventually take the place of the gibberish syllables…one hopes.)