No, not death metal. Disco. From my gig tonight at NYC’s Sidewalk Cafe. Give “Disco Institute” a listen. (And forgive the long intro – we have to give a little background for the non-sciblogs folk. If you get really impatient you can skip to about a minute-ten in, but it’s a nice groove and you might as well listen to the whole thing and let your toes tap.)

This is an untreated take, so if you want to hear any bass at *all* you’re going to have to have good speakers. I would not recommend listening to this on laptop speakers or dinky ipod headphones.


Giving credit where credit is due: Drums by Ben Goldstein, Bass by David Cutler, Backup Vx by Erin Pellnat (she’s the first one you hear “ooh”ing in the bridge) and Madeleine McMillan, and Ben Krieger running the sound board. I’m on the piano and vocals.