I was recently updating my flixster account, and I couldn’t help but notice that all my favorite Disney films (and some of my less-favorite Disney films) had received very negative reviews, all of which were the first listed. I found they were all from the same fellow.

On Aladdin:

The first song “Arabian Nights” is derogatory and racists to Arabs and has been protested by many. The princess also shows herself using her body and seduction to get what she wants. Teaching to use your body to get what you want.

On Mulan:

China is demonstared as being the most sexist and oppresive in all Disney Children films. Boys bullying girls. Women are nothing at all unless they get married, and that they should follow men.

On The Lady and the Tramp:

This shows derogatory views of Chinese people with the siamese cats being stereotypically Chinese with the slanted eyes, buck teeth and strong accents and also showing them as manipulative, sinister and cunning. Ever notice how there are very few Asian characters in Disney’s movies?

On The Lion King:

This shows derogatory views of black people. “Black peoples voices” being used for the Hyenas who are evil, wicked, manuipulative bottom feeders of society.

On Pocahontas:

This film trivializes Pocahontas’ important political and diplomatic role in history. In reality there was never a romance between her and John Smith. Americans want to deny their history of genocide, showing they were all one, big happy family, eating dinner together like at Thanksgiving!

On Tarzan:

It’s funny how it is set in Africa however no black people are present in this film. No black people at all. Elimanted black people in Africa, shows African children who view this that they can only relate to apes. White Supremacist views coming through?

What an enlightened fellow. He must have excellent taste in politically relevant films that offer us great insight without the taint of sexual or racial biases.

On Knocked Up:

I loved the spacey Asian girl.

On American Pie 5:

T and A. Was hoping to see some male frontal. Always the naked women, never the naked men!

The rest of his reviews are much of the same plus exclamation points.