Michael Behe finally responded to ERV’s critique of his statements on HIV evolution. While his posted response isn’t all that worth reading (sexist ad hominems, false data and ignorant statements, goalpost-changing), browsing through the comments page is more fun than watching a station wagon full of O’Doyles plunge off a cliff.

A few of my favorites:

Behe’s ignorance is showing. HIV doesn’t “inject” Vpu into a cell, it enters by endocytosis, and Vpu is translated from transcripts of the viral genome *after* it integrates into the host genome. (Behe also falsely claims that the HIV genome is DNA, when in fact, it has an RNA genome.)


I’m no biologist, but it seems to me that Behe thinks that fitness and adaptation are irrelevant, and he expects that HIV should have become a mammal by now. If not for all of his shabby strawmen (and the witless sycophants who stand in line to shine his shoes), Behe would be a very lonely guy.


All that Behe’s post demonstrates is that he is merely a key purveyor of the mendacious pornography known as Intelligent Design. But more to the point, he has given me yet another reason why I’ve concluded that he is intellectually dishonest. I hope that if a Lehigh University alumnus happens to stumble upon this post then he or she will ask the university administration to “invite” Behe to move elsewhere to conduct his “scientific” research. What a disgrace.


Behe was wrong about HIV. Deal with it. He obviously can’t, just as he doesn’t have sufficient faith in a single ID hypothesis to walk down the hall to his lab and put it to an experimental test. Instead, he misrepresents and quote-mines, trying to bamboozle lay people. He’s nothing like Galileo or Einstein; he’s just Bozo the Clown, and we are laughing at his depantsing by Abbie.

One commenter named Smokey tears Behe’s response to shreds with some rock-hard data.

After checking out the evisceration on the comments page, head over to ERV’s blog and read Dembski vs. Masked Man, and hear ye the tale of a villain who tried to deceive the poor Mexican villagers about the bacterial flagellum. The people wept and rent their garments until a hero came in and demonstrated how the lynchpin of Dembski’s argument was patently false. Rather than to respond in a reasonable manner, Dembski chose to whine and bluster as the Masked Science Avenger carved a Z onto the wall, leapt back onto his trusty steed, and galloped out of the hall, disappearing into the dusty night.

“Curse you, science,” Demski mouthed under cover of his black, greasy mustachio. “You have not seen the last of me.”

“Guards!” he called. “¡Vayamo! ¡Rápidamente!“