Those of you who read Skepchick might have already seen Jim Callahan getting pwned on NBC’s ‘Phenomenon’. But if you haven’t seen the follow-up, I tell you, you’re missing out on what may be some of the best worst science I’ve ever seen, courtesy of Uri Gellar. I can safely say that this has been the highlight of my day.

Alright, if your head didn’t explode from all that, let’s listen to what Uri has to say about the theory of relativity, once more:

So there are certain things that are unexplainable in the universe, and mysterious. And let me tell you something important. Put aside the mumbo-jumbo.

I will if you will.

1925: A man with curly hair writes an equation: “E=mc^2″. Of course, it was Albert Einstein. And, you know, we still don’t understand that, what he said, in that equation.

You know, if I bang this [he indicates the wall] it looks, to me, solid. It feels solid. But it’s not! Albert Einstein proved that everything in the universe is energy. We live in an ocean of motion. Everything vibrates. There’s a frequency to everything.

And, he also proved that energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, if you die, you have to agree that there is some sort of an energy in us. Where does that go? I believe it goes to the other side.

This is definitely a pseudoscience bingo. I’m disappointed that he didn’t use the word “quantum,” but I think it’s still a pretty amazing quote.

Uri Gellar may be certifiably goofy, but Jim Callahan brings it all to an entirely new level. Let’s take a second look at his tour-de-force of irrationality.

Mr. Angel, I believe, is an ideological bigot. [He] claims there’s no supernatural, no paranormal. I see him walking on water, and it’s his way of disproving that Jesus Christ was real. I think every Christian in the United States should be outraged with him.

That’s my personal opinion. I will stand up for people’s belief. This is America, and nobody should stand for what he’s doing.

First of all, this is a competition. I walked out there. He should judge me on my competition. He’s not there to challenge me. So he got the challenge. He has to put a bunch of people between me and him to feel safe.

You know, he was practicing that. He had notes jammed up underneath his backside because he needs five guys to write for him. I – I dared the guy to debate me live on television. I don’t think he can put more than three words together in a sentence and hold a reasonable debate.

Now, that’s my opinion. I mean, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of skeptics thinking they can push on people’s ideological beliefs, they can attack religion – and I’m the guy that pushes back.

Out of breath, Callahan describes his emotions following the ordeal.

Feels like your heart’s being taken and being jammed up through your heart into your brain.

Please, please, somebody make a LOLcat out of that statement. Please, please, pretty please!

Really, though, I think this quote from Callahan says it all (he says it right before he threatens Criss Angel):

I don’t like having what I believe to be real questioned.

Ain’t it the truth. Ain’t it the truth.