Well, Pharyngula’s making some grumpy noise about the dearth of good science programming on PBS. Go through the comments page and you’ll see that his sentiments are shared by a lot of us—we’re all wondering why the heck Dawkins’ BBC specials aren’t on, and why we can’t find Cosmos anymore, and so on.

What do we do? Take Action and Whine to Them!

Let’s not just sit back and complain amongst ourselves—send your local PBS provider an email requesting specific programs! I know we’re all pretty spread out, but a few requests can go a long way.

Find their contact info by going to the Handy-Dandy PBS Station Finder.

Here’s the email I sent them:


My name is Andrew ***. I have been a PBS watcher ever
since I was old enough to be parked in front of a
television, and I can probably say that it is at least
partially responsible for my adult love of art,
science, and knowledge in general.

I’m active in the blogging world, and I’ve noticed a
lot of clamor over shows that aren’t aired or re-aired
often enough (or at all) on PBS, so I thought I’d send
over a request for the programs I hear most often
mentioned—and that I would most like to see as well:

-Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
-Richard Dawkins’ The Enemies of Reason
-Jacob Bronowski’s The Ascent of Man
-Richard Dawkins’ The Root of All Evil?

…and just about anything NOVA ever did.

Thank you very much for your time and your
programming, and I look forward to seeing these shows
on the television soon, where they can gain an even
wider audience.