Hey everyone, hip news! A recent performance of mine got me an invitation to perform some of my godless comedy and music in God Tastes Like Chicken, the brainchild of Brother John Murdock and featuring a lot of other cool and talented people from New York’s East Village scene that I have been dying to work with. I have to confirm the date, but you should all come see the show! It’s an upcoming Friday in July (I think the 12th or the 19th) and it’s gonna be awesome.

Oh, and for those of you who hate political/protest music as much as I do, I promise that I’m all entertainment first.. The actual message is so tangential to my goals that I’m amazed it makes it in at all, but it does get in, and the end result is hilarious, dance-tastic, awesome music about Muslims and the Disco Institute.

More info to follow on the gig. In the meanwhile, check out God Tastes Like Chicken’s Myspace Page for whatever details you need about their heathen badassery.