I have to hand it to New York – no matter how amoral, sex-crazed, greedy, and secular this town gets, it still allows us to be daily exposed to the moral and intellecual salvations offered by religion.

Usually in the subway stations.

The other day, for example, I spotted some assholes who’d set up a table in Grand Central. They had signs telling us that we were sinners and that Jesus would save us, and they had piles of free literature.

Now, I’m a starving student, and i’m not going to turn down an opportunity to pick up kindling while depleting the propaganda supplies. I took copies of their thickest books – tonight I’m starting work on some crap about “living waters” – thanked the guy who was handing them out, and began to walk away.

“Hey, kid!” he shouted (I’m 21, I had a briefcase, and I was headed to a job interview, thanks). He held out a CHICK tract, his eyes glimmering like the host of a Saturday morning cartoon marathon. “You should take this one instead! It’s got pictures in it. You know – like those comic books you read!”