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We thought you might be interested –

Inquiring into the Origin of Matter and Life
January-March 2008

Bhaktivedanata Institute’s latest quarterly newsletter
is now available online.

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What’s it about?

Modern science has generally been directed toward investigating
the material world, excluding consideration of the conscious
scientist who is essential to the whole process, since, of
course, the very existence of the scientific endeavor itself
depends upon consciousness. Complete scientific knowledge must
consequently include both objective science and subjective

In addition to other programs, Bhaktivedanta Institute’s Science
and Scientist Newsletter is humbly offered to inspire scientists
and scholars to contribute their sincere efforts toward
developing this grand synthesis. The result will be valuable not
only for helping to better understand the “hard” problems of
science such as the nature and origin of life and the cosmos, the
mind-brain connection, artificial intelligence, etc. But the
pressing problems of ethics in science, world peace, and
interfaith dialog will also benefit from a more inclusive
scientific worldview.

In our modern era science and religion are the predominating
influences determining the fate of mankind. Promoting and
developing a culture of harmony between such diverse fields has
the potential to expand our conception of reality and advance
human knowledge in the new millennium, in which it is said the
study of life will be pre-eminent. Let us welcome the dawn of
that new epoch with great hope and determined endeavor.
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Wow, a synthesis between our greatest sources of knowledge, religion and science! Oh boy. A bit like saying that a collaboration between Elvis Costello and Olivia Newton-John brought together the two greatest minds in music, but I’ll go along with it for now. I went to their website and checked out their editorial board (since I imagine these folks have very high standards – possession of a Ph.D. must mean they’re right!). Editor-in-Chief Bhakti Madhava Puri Swami, Ph.D. is responsible for this bit of writing:

Reductionism means to attempt to explain all subjective experience and personality at the mechanical atomic level. This is the theory that life comes from matter by a process of gradual evolution over a long time span. Srila Prabhupada especially wanted to uproot this idea that life came from matter. He wanted to establish that life comes from life, and even that matter comes from life. I remember that it was a relief for us to realize that we were ultimately persons and God was ultimately personal. A personal Reality was a lot less difficult to conceive than an impersonal, materialistic one. I am a person. This is obvious. To conceive of ourselves as a combination of atoms and molecules is difficult. It is difficult to think of how a stone can give rise to a concept. But that mind or soul can contain “stone” as a concept within it is not so difficult.

This operates on so many levels of stupid that I wouldn’t even know where to begin; however, if keep on reading you’ll soon find yourself convinced of his argument. Working from a purely materialistic worldview, it is simply impossible to imagine that this much stupid can exist in one place without an essential source energy of stupid originating from beyond science’s reductionist explanations of matter. Teh stoopid just keeps going:

Vision is impossible to understand on the basis of mere mechanism. So naturally one has to inquire about the existence of another principle besides matter to explain some simple observations such as visual illusions like the Nekker cube, for example. Here we look at one object but “see” it in different ways — as a flat figure of intersecting lines, as a three dimensional cube facing left or facing right. Such a variety of perspectives of a single object by a particular eye is the effect of a meta level of reality operating outside the physical level of the eye.

and going

Srila Prabhupada explained that we daily observe that life comes from life. A dog comes from a dog. A human being comes from a human being. Everywhere we look we see that life comes from life. Therefore why should we conclude that life comes from matter? Science means observe and then draw some conclusion based on those observations. We observe that life comes from life, but has anyone ever observed life coming from chemicals? No. Then how can this idea be scientific? Observation or experiment does not support the theory that life comes from matter.

and going

The US landed a man on the Moon in July 1969. Srila Prabhupada insisted that they did not go to the Moon. We all thought this meant that the US was involved in some type of conspiracy to fool the public. Later as it became clear to us that they had actually gone to the Moon. Srila Prabhupada explained that they had not really gone because they could not enter the atmosphere of the Moon, they had to take their own atmosphere with them. Also they could not see the presiding deity of the Moon, and they could not stay there. Therefore they did not go to this higher planet in truth. At that time we realized that our way of seeing in physical terms was different from the way Srila Prabhupada was seeing things from the perspective of the conscious world.

There is simply so much stupid here, I feel like contradicting their assertions would be fruitless. I look at a vast sea of idiotic, religious, pseudo-scientific, patently false idiocy and feel completely powerless. I am a man lost in the ocean, a lone ant charged with climbing Mount Everest. But I encourage you to read. If you derive any pleasure whatsoever from massive piles of stupid, you must tread on.

And please remember: I come from California. Members of my family actually read this shit, nod, and say “that’s so deep!” I have to see these people’s supporters at family gatherings. So, please send some sort of cash if you could – I could use the therapy.


and going:

It is not just a matter of measuring some features and putting down some results, they plug those features into an equation. Where do they get that equation from? – From their theories. Where do they get their theories from? – Some body made a guess: it might be like this and it might be like that. From that guess they wrote the theory and then the equation and they see if that confirms to that. They had a nice theory. They put a nice theory together – the explosion theory or the Big Bang theory. They calculated from that so many different things. Now they find that universe doesn’t have enough matter to let their equations work. Their theory doesn’t work. Rather than change the theory they want to change the universe. They say that, “The universe is not right. Our theory is right but universe is not correct. So let us correct the universe.” This is the philosophy of scientists.