Yesterday morning, as I showered, I reached for my toothbrush and toothpaste, only to find that I was out of toothpaste. As I went about sneakily stealing a squidge of my roommate’s own Crest, I realized that something on my toothbrush was moving.

It was about 6 millimeters long, a dull yellowish color, cylindrical, and tapered at both ends. It maneuvered through the bristles of my cheap, withered toothbrush through full-body contractions, using one end of itself as a lever while it curved and attached its other end to another point, and so it writhed about the brush. I can only assume that it was the larval form of some insect that just loves to lay eggs in my bathroom.

Needless to say, I chucked the toothbrush.

But the question remains: What kind of insect was it whose offspring found its way into the bristles of my toothbrush? We’re in New York, so flies, mosquitoes, moths, and roaches are par for the course. As far as I can tell, this resembled the larvae of none of those pests.

Whoever can identify the insect will receive a special gift courtesy of SexySecularist.