Our world is populated by one fewer badass. George Carlin came to my college campus to perform last October, and I missed it – I’d figured that I’d just catch him the next year, since he came by about every fall. I regret now that I’d missed my one chance to see him.

In view of his thoughts on softened language, I thought I’d write a brief and direct eulogy:

George Carlin died today of a bum ticker after years of being a professional irreverent bastard. While it is almost entirely certain that the ’soul’ (whatever the fuck that is) does not live on after bodily death, it is my sincerest hope that in the case of an afterlife, Mr. Carlin is rotting, writhing, and screaming in the very depths of hell this moment. I imagine he would find it much more enjoyable and interesting down there; after all, it’s where all the cool people go.