Last month, SexySecularist saw 1,939 unique visitors!

Unfortunately it seems that a significant percentage of our hits come from people who have been misled by their google search engines. Searches that led to our site include:

“mom gave me a vibrator” – 2 hits
“resplendant redhead” – 6 hits
“sexy doctor adventure” – 2 hits
“my doctor stuck his finger up my butt” – 1 hit
“blood dripping penis” – 1 hit
“sexy sexy sexy couples forever” – 1 hit
“jewish french whore” – 1 hit
“gonzo sexy” – 2 hits
“vying for the position of antichrist” – 1 hit
“granddaddy fucking” – 1 hit
“mutant babies” – 1 hit
“sharon stone” – 2 hits
“mitt romney jesus lived in north america” – 1 hit
“mitt romney sexy” – 3 hits
“catheter cock blog” – 1 hit
“why are musicians so sexy?” – 1 hit
“dirty things to say to your partner” – 1 hit

And, finally:

“my mom gave me a blowjob” – 1 hit

As Robbie said, “I never really realized how much pornographic googling there is out there. We probably get more hits for the word “sexy” in the title than anything else.”

I like to think that there are now hundreds of depraved perverts reading our blog, salivating at the thought of a Richard Dawkins lecture.