And the Lord said: “Let there be Bible Fight!” (Note: You may need to disable your adblocker for this to work, but it’s well worth it)

Even for a hardened veteran of 2D fighting games, this thing provides a considerable challenge, if for no other reason than the controls are somewhat unresponsive and, let’s face it, Jesus and Satan both play cheap. My girlfriend and I beat it yesterday as Eve and it took the better part of an hour, even though we were only fighting 6 characters.

Still, I’d hate to waste your time, and if you want to unlock the secret character in Arcade mode (or should it be Secret Character?), enter the password “Jehovah.”

I’m not 100% sure where this ranks on the levels of apostasy in an of itself, but I guarantee that anyone who makes it to Jesus will begin cursing him out after a few rounds, regardless of religiosity.