Calm down, pedo, there’s no children’s rears in this post.

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back at SexySecularist; it’s been too long.

So I’ll get right to the point. Richard Dawkins is fairly well known for his point of view that the labeling of children as Christian or Muslim or Jewish or atheist is a form of child abuse. And I’m sure most readers here can sympathize with that argument. Children are too young to really decide what they think about the world, the universe, life, and meaning. He is fully supportive of teaching children about different religions, but it is abusive to tell them “you are an atheist,” or “you are a Christian.”

I was brought up without religion. I went to temple 2-3 times per year but that was about it. I was never really told that there was a God or that there wasn’t. I don’t know even really know what my parents believe; I suspect my mom is a believer and my dad probably is too. But I’ll raise my children the same way. I won’t really tell them there is a god or there isn’t. I might tell them about different religions. I might even see if I can get different religious places of worship to teach them about their religion without preaching the “truthiness” of their religion.

Their morals, like mine, will be secularly derived. The Golden Rule, mostly.

But here we come back to Dawkin’s claim. What if a Muslim or a Christian parent truly and utterly believes that their child has a chance of going to hell if they are not brought up with Islamic or Christian morals? What if the moral tenets of “don’t steal,” “don’t lie,” and “treat others as you would like to be treated,” are considered less important than “believe in God and praise her?” Is it right for us to label such attitudes and the actions that would result as child abuse? Could we ever outlaw that? Would we be right to take a child away from such a family? Where would we draw the line?