Pharyngula is hosting a contest to win a copy of Atlas of Creation.

Would you believe someone has received a copy of Harun Yahya’s epic tome, Atlas of Creation, and doesn’t want it? Weird, huh?

Let’s imagine, though, that someone for some bizarre reason wants one. Here’s your chance: write a comment here that testifies to your deep and unholy desire to possess a copy, and the current possessor of a copy will judge them and decide to whom he will impart this strange book of lunacy.

Yours truly could not resist such an opportunity.

Comment #249

I am male, so pleasuring myself is naturally a bit messy. I’m squeamish about using socks (in case I run out of clean pairs before laundry day), and my ejaculate is unusually runny, meaning that is frequently soaks through tissues, paper towel, and scrap paper – this does not bode well for the carpeting in my apartment. I am desperately in need of glossy, non-absorbent paper onto which I can spill my seed before folding said paper and disposing of it.

I’ll need at least enough to last me roughly three weeks, so roughly 800 pages will be required.